Why Rushing Is Not Quick And Phoning First Is Best

By Paul Larson

MILLBRAE – What would you do in the following situations: Imagine yourself driving on the Freeway when you experience a serious engine problem. Would pull over and call AAA for help or would you keep driving and search for the nearest gas station? Or, imagine yourself at home when you discover a severe water pipe leak. Would you first call a plumber for emergency help or drive to the plumber’s shop for advice? Next, imagine that water leak causing costly damage to your home. Would you call your insurance agent for help or would you drive to the insurance agent’s office for guidance? Lastly, if you were at home alone and discovered that you didn’t feel right, had pain in your chest and couldn’t breath, would you dial 911 for assistance or try to drive to the hospital emergency room?

People have different ways of reacting to serious circumstances, and in many instances they need to make a quick impromptu decision. There are no correct or incorrect answers to the above scenarios. Still, in most cases making a phone call first is better during a time sensitive situation and will better prepare those who are coming to your rescue.

For some time now, more often than not, we see families arrive unexpectedly to the Chapel of the Highlands wishing to make “at-need” arrangements for a loved one who just died, or “pre-need” arrangements, etc. It is the nature of our business for plans to change at a moments notice, but a phone call first helps us to better serve families who require our help. When a death occurs we need to be notified immediately, and it is best to call us on the phone before coming to our Chapel. There may be important details to go over first, and setting an appointment helps us to serve families better.

Calling the Chapel of the Highlands first and making an appointment is not only helpful to us but also for the family. There have been times when families have rushed to the Chapel at the time of death and end up having to wait due to an ongoing funeral or another arrangement in progress. There is no need to rush to the Chapel at the time of death, and your phone call will give a chance for everyone to proceed calmly.

I know that it is easy for families to think of our Chapel the same way they think of the emergency room at a hospital, and in some ways that is true. In most situations we can meet families in a timely fashion, but a phone call to us first is always the best course of action. Letting us know by phone that a death has occurred gives us a chance to inform the family of needed details and items to bring for the arrangements. It also gives us a chance to contact the attending physician, coroner or others who will be involved. Completing these preliminary details will better help the arrangements go smoothly and quickly for the family.

It is our duty to assist families who need our help and guide them easily though the arrangement process. A phone call to us first is always the best step to take.

If you ever wish to discuss cremation, funeral matters or want to make pre-planning arrangements please feel free to call me and my staff at the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS in Millbrae at (650) 588-5116 and we will be happy to guide you in a fair and helpful manner. For more info you may also visit us on the internet at: www.chapelofthehighlands.com.