Funeral Trends Indicate Upswing in the Economy

By Paul Larson

MILLBRAE – Our country’s economic roller-coaster ride has been interesting and historic for sure, but also very troubling for many families who’ve not been as financially stable as others. Recently though I’ve been observing a phenomenon with those we serve at the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS. It may be too early to confirm, but it appears that there is a general state of confidence with many families, along with the decisions and choices they make during funeral arrangements. Yes, I know you are thinking that “confidence” is not a term you would use to coincide with “funeral arrangements”, but it appears to me that people I see are tending to be more financially assured than during the deepest years of “The Great Recession”.

They say that the two things you can’t avoid are “death and taxes”. With that in mind, during the economic downturn I saw a very noticeable sense of “thrift” and “prudence” with a lot of families who experienced a death during that period. Still, those who tended to “cost shop” at various funeral homes selected CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS to handle funeral or cremation arrangements. These families found comfort with our service, and notably with our more economic cost structure.

Now, lately the trend with families and their funeral choices reminds me of the days way before the recession hit. It’s not that people are utilizing their funds differently, spending more or spending less, but that they are more assertive and confident when using their wallet. Seeing this over and over gives me a good indication that something in the economic climate is changing compared to not that long ago.

Even though many of our honorable elected officials in Sacramento and Washington D.C. appear to be as inflexible with economic issues as always, the air of confidence with the families I’ve been dealing with means to me that these people are feeling less pressured financially.

It is well known that when businesses do well they hire more employees, and when those employees are confident they will spend their money on goods and services. In turn, the companies that provide goods and services will need competent employees to create more goods, give more services, and so on…making a positive circle for a healthy economy. In relation to that, after a long period of U.S. manufacturing jobs being sent over-seas there is news of a growing number of companies bringing this work back to the United States. Real Estate values on the Peninsula remained in a good state during the recession, but houses here are now in demand more than ever.

“Encouraging” “Hopeful” and “Positive” are words to describe the optimistic vibrations that people are giving off. If the community is becoming more comfortable with spending, that indicates good health for business and the enrichment of our economic atmosphere. I hope I’m right, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

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