Accentuating The Positive Can EliminateThe Negative

By Paul Larson

MILLBRAE – Have you ever been entrusted to make final arrangements for a funeral? Those of you who’ve had this experience know that important decisions are required and must be made in a timely manner. The next of kin is many times required to search for information about the deceased which may not be easily accessible, and must answer questions without the time to think things out. Even though your Funeral Director is trained to guide you every step of the way, it is still best for you to be prepared with the proper information if the need should arise. Ask your Funeral Director what info is needed before you meet with him/her.

Making funeral arrangements can be very simple, or can become difficult at times if you are not prepared. A good Funeral Director is experienced in leading you with the necessary requirements, and will offer details that you may not have thought about or previously considered as an option. Allowing him/her to guide you will make the arrangements go by quickly and easily.

A number of items should be considered in preparation for the future:
1. Talk to your loved ones about the inevitable. Give them an indication on what your wishes are regarding the type of funeral you want, burial or cremation, etc., and ask them their feelings about plans for their own funeral. This is only conversation, but it is an important topic which will help break the ice and prevent any type of confusion when the time comes.

2. Talk to your Funeral Director. Write down a list of questions and make a phone call to your Funeral Director asking how to be prepared. He/she will gladly provide detailed information and can mail this information to you for your reference. Asking questions doesn’t cost anything and will help you with being organized.

3. Make an appointment and Pre-plan a Funeral. Many more people are following through with this step by making Pre-Need Arrangements. Completing arrangements ahead of time makes this process more relaxed, and putting these details behind you will take a weight off your shoulders. Your wishes will be finalized and kept on file at the Mortuary. Your Funeral Director will even help you set aside funding now as to cover costs at the time of death. Families who meet with us at the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS are grateful for the chance to make Pre-Need Arrangements. With their final details in place it helps to make matters more calming for surviving loved-ones.

4. Enjoy Life. There are those who dwell on situations that can’t be controlled. Taking time to stop and look around at beauty in the world and appreciate good things can be therapeutic. If you need to use a negative statement, try re-wording it into a positive. Change “I had a lousy day today” into “Today was demanding, but it made me appreciate my better days.” As the song goes: “Accentuate the positive; Eliminate the negative; Latch on to the affirmative.”

If you ever wish to discuss cremation, funeral matters or want to make pre-planning arrangements please feel free to call me and my staff at the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS in Millbrae at (650) 588-5116 and we will be happy to guide you in a fair and helpful manner. For more info you may also visit us on the internet at: