Marvel Of The Era We Live And Where We’re Headed

By Paul Larson

MILLBRAE – I wonder why we wonder. Have you ever thought about our place in the universe? I wonder about that.Have you ever wondered how we came to exist on Earth at this exact point in history? I wonder about that too. We can say we’re all experiencing first hand what it’s like to live on Earth right now, at this time, in this era. Our unique perspective of current events gives us all a common link. We’re breathing the same air, feeling the same wind on our faces and reacting to the latest news at the same time. We’re impressed at how our society has advanced faster in the last 50 years than in all of recorded history. Still, the designer fashions we wear, the innovative cars we drive and the high-technologies we utilize will be quaintly old fashioned in the eyes of future generations, just as corsets, horse-buggies, inkwells and goose-feather quill-pens are to us today. Our existence here is relative to the time period we live in. The perception that we’re living at a point of advanced development is really an illusion.

Most of us don’t notice but we are all connected by coincidence, fate or something beyond our comprehension. Our day to day activities keep us focused on our own smaller viewpoint, and it’s easy to miss the big BIG picture. Look around you at people walking down the street, notice them driving their cars, eating at restaurants and just living life. Celebrities, elected officials, strangers… EVERYONE is related “as one” HERE and NOW. We’re all children of this time, with our lives indigenous to this era.

Look at our Earth as a big lifeboat. We float through space and have no other place to call home. The air we reathe is a mix of gases adapted specifically to life on Earth. As far as we know no other planet has this exact reathable atmosphere. Our planet’s life support ecosystem, combined with gravity and our 24 hour cycle, is specific to our own earth-bound physiology.

The point is that focusing on our differences is not the right way to go about living our short life here on Earth. We are all related brothers & sisters, at this point in time, traveling on this lifeboat. If humanity can grow-up and notice its fragility this may help to avoid all the squabbling we see in the news and the fighting we see in other parts of the world. Accepting those around us and radiating love isn’t easy but it’s a start. In the big scheme of things we are all infants and have a lot of growing to do as a species. It’s a marvel that we exist at all.

All this wondering of “why” and “when we exist” boils down to one astonishing realization: Humanity is irreplaceable. Knowing that we are special and unique, and that our Earth is beautiful and fragile, may give us the incentive to treat each other and our world gently, as a mother would with her baby. Even though our current state of affairs can be unsettling, humanity has the capacity to mature faster than we imagine. Grasping the concept of love and respect could someday advance us to an evolved enlightenment and a peaceful existence.

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